About Peter Wev

Peter Wev lives with his partner in Hereford Arizona, a small rural town in southern Arizona. He spent his career in the financial sector working in portfolio management. He is a graduate of Georgia Tech. Now retired, he serves as a volunteer arbitrator for the Cochise County Court. He also volunteers at the annual Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering, which celebrates life in the American West. Since retirement he has pursued his lifelong interests in history and writing.

His first book Julius Caesar’s Centurion told the story of a Centurion in Julius Caesar’s Legion during the Gallic War (58-52 BC) who lives with a stuttering affliction.

Peter Wev

Author’s Notes


Julius Caesar’s Centurion is an historical novel with all of the events of the Gallic War being as historically accurate as I could make them. While Marcus Pontius is a fictional character, as are all of the Centurions and Legionaries, I have placed him in locations and situations which are consistent with actual historical events. However, virtually all the other characters from Julius Caesar, Titus Labienus, Marc Antony, Decius Brutus and all the other Roman Generals were real people. All of the tribes of Gaul and their leaders and their actions are taken from what I believe to be accurate historical sources. Julius Caesar’s The Gallic War is the primary source, since it’s the only surviving firsthand account of the war.

Please remember the BC years decline sequentially rather than increase. So late 54 BC is followed by early 53 BC. The Roman year count began with the founding of Rome, generally agreed to be 753 BC.

Janus is also an historical novel. Prior to and during World War II, when the Nazis invaded a country they would plunder and steal anything of value. Most notably they pilfered all the art works from museums and shipped them back to Germany. They also stole all the money, silver, gold, gems and jewelry wherever they could find it. As the war came to an end the Nazis made a frantic effort to hide these treasures for their own future use and from the approaching armies. The book tells the story of an accomplished female NKVD agent (now the KGB) who was sent to Austria to find out where the Nazis were hiding all these valuables. As she was succeeding in her mission, she learned that Stalin had sent her Jewish parents to Siberia in one of his paranoid round up of Jews. She then learned her parents had met horrid deaths at the hands of the Soviets. This made her determined to make sure Stalin and the Soviets would never get any of the treasures she had found. She then married an American Officer who she conspired with to keep the treasures. They moved to the United States and used her stolen goods to become wealthy. By a quirk of fate, the KGB discovered her and tried to extract from her the treasure she had stolen. This resulted in tragic consequences for her and her family.

Janus by Peter Wev

Wev is currently working on another historical fiction piece. This book will be a novelette based on the killing of eighteen American mining engineers by Poncho Villa in 1916. He then plans to write a sequel to Julius Caesar’s Centurion.