“I’ll delight in mauling you in a duel, you sniveling whiner. How you ever got to your position as Primus Pilus and then on Caesar’s staff are wonders to me. After I slaughter you I’ll take your place in Caesar’s shadow.”

Marcus walked into the arena with his head down. He didn’t want be there, but a challenge to his honor had been made and he must respond.

“Not only did you degrade and insult the best Centurion I’ve ever known, but you insulted me. You just told me I’m stupid for making Marcus Pontius a Centurion,” Caesar said in an angry and threatening voice.

Janus by Peter Wev

NEW! Janus

by Peter Wev

In this historical mystery, which moves between the present day and the end of World War II, one man learns dark family secrets from the past that someone would kill to keep.

Paul “PC” Roman leads a wonderful life. He’s successful in his business endeavors and has connections among the world’s rich and powerful. His perfect world, however, will come crashing down when a devastating assault leaves his entire family shocked.

PC’s eighty-four-year-old grandmother is found brutally beaten, leaving PC to wonder why anyone would commit such a cruel and senseless crime against an octogenarian. He soon discovers the answers don’t lie in the present moment but deep in the past. As PC searches for the attacker, he uncovers his grandmother’s true history and her role in World War II. There are some secrets, PC learns, that need to be brought into the light of day.

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Julius Caesar’s Centurion

by Peter Wev

What Fate awaits Marcus Pontius, Julius Caesar’s most trusted and favorite Centurion? Marcus has lived with a stuttering problem all his life. Learn what he has to endure because of his stutter as a youth, how it affects his relationship with his family and finally how this problem leads to him joining a Roman Legion. His life in the Roman Army is one of constant challenges. He becomes a Centurion when Julius Caesar comes to Farther Spain as Governor and campaigns against the rebellious Celts in the northwest sector of Iberia. This campaign enables Marcus to prove to Caesar that he’s a fearless soldier. Fate brings him together again with Caesar several years later when Caesar begins his Gallic War. Marcus serves throughout the War as a Centurion in Caesar’s favorite Legion, Legion X. He establishes himself as Caesar’s most trusted Centurion. To fulfill his duties as Governor of Cisalpine Gaul (Northern Italy) and Transalpine Gaul (Southern France) Caesar goes south during the winters when the Legions don’t campaign. Marcus accompanies Caesar but his role changes from soldier to his personal aide-de-camp. During these excursions Marcus’ fate leads him into several passionate and turbulent affairs with women. Where will The Fates lead him in his relationships with Caesar and these women?

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Julius Caesar's Centurion by Peter Wev

Raves and Reviews for Julius Caesar’s Centurion

“The ancient world of Rome and Julius Caesar comes to vivid life in this colorfully written and meticulously researched historical novel that covers a wide-ranging tapestry of fierce combat and rivalries, a touching love story as well as…” Read More

Jack Adler, an Editorial Critic for Writer’s Digest, has over 20 books published including several historical novels and nonfiction titles.

“Peter Wev’s main character, the eponymous centurion of Julius Caesar while the future dictator was stationed in Gaul, is a man named Marcus Pontius, a brave, intelligent man who has been afflicted with a stutter his whole life. Marcus Pontius first serves under Caesar in Spain, helping to put down rebellions by the Celts. Years later, the two men…” Read More

Lisa Sheehan, reviewer for the Historical Novel Society